Raw Mookaite

Raw Mookaite


Mookaite Properties

The Mookaite crystal is a wonderful all-over energizer from WA, that cleanses and activates the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra, similar to an espresso for the soul. Do you need a spiritual boost? The crystal stone Mookaite inspires you to take charge of your destiny and reach for the heavens. 


Sold by the piece.


    This is a natural product, it may vary in colour from the picture shown. These are raw crystals, straight from the earth, and therefore are unwashed. You will need to wash and polish the crystals to get your desired look. As this is a natural and unprocessed crystal, it may have other mineral deposits present, and markings from mining.

    Newly dug quartz crystals and crystal formations are often stained red-brown from iron and crusted with clay, when they're not coated with tougher substances such as limonite or calcium deposits.