DT Moon and Star Etched

DT Moon and Star Etched

PriceFrom $35.00

The beautiful clear quartz double terminated points are etched with moons and star designs.


DT 1:  75 grams, 9cm long

DT 2:  115grams, 9.5cm long (rainbow flash)

DT3:  82 grams, 9cm long

DT4:  95grams, 9cm long


~Doubled Terminated means energy flows through the crystal instead of in just one direction. With this generator you can both send and receive energy when you are working with it.

~Crystals may have minor imperfections, small scratches, or crevices due to their natural source. 


You will receive the DT chosen - please seen numbered image to make your selection.



  • positive energy
  • creativity
  • love
  • emotional healing
  • focus
  • clarity